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Music that is written, performed, or about Beta Males.

1. The type of songs with lyrics that describe a male social outcast who in the end of the song may or may not win the popular babe he secretly crushes on.

2. Songs that describe beta male's in-your-face rebellion towards social stereotyping or alpha people.

3. Songs that profess a beta male's secret love to a girl of higher social status or simply, a girl he likes but knows he can't have; most commonly, his long-time girl bestfriend.

4. Songs that profess beta male's eternal love for his girlfriend or mom or grandmom or his buddies or his dad - whatever works.

5. songs that describe a beta male as his girl's "shoulder to cry on"

6. songs that describe a beta male's frustration over his relationship with a girl who's full of herself and does not value beta male's greatness.
Beta Male Music examples:

1. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

2. Pork and Beans - Weezer

3. Gimme A Chance - Plain White T's

4. 1234 - Plain White T's

5. Kelsey - Metro Station

6. Annabelle - A Rocket To The Moon
by wellhereigo October 03, 2010