A best friend is a true friend, a good friend, an amazing friend. Somebody that should always be there for you and that you should go to for advice. Somebody that tells you that you look like a hot mess honestly rather than lie to your face and say you look pretty. Someone that tells you all their secrets cuz they trust you not to go behind their back and tell the whole school their secret like a huge bitch. I'm Hannah Montana! Sshh..don't tell anyone. :)
My best friend Annie is fucking awesome!

My best friend Sally helped me out with some real serious shit last year.
by The Hit September 07, 2009
When your best friends parents think that your best friend is talking about you whenever they say"my friend"
Kelly:Mom, I'm going to the mall with my best friend okay? Kelly's mom:WHO? JEMIE?
by loveejemie June 06, 2011
someone who you can talk to about anything and they wont tell a soul, someone you do the most craziest things with, someone who cares about you more than anything, someone who you can talk to for hours on end and still need to talk to them after, someone who you can call a sister.
person 1: see that girl over there
person 2: yeah i know her
person 1: yeah shes my sister
person 2: your not related though
person 1: well shes my best friend but she is more like a sister
by eemmiillyyxoxox :) May 13, 2011
the one you can run to in the middle of the night with a broken heart and a broken spirit and they do whatever they can to make it right. when your world seems dark and you can't see any hope, they are the light at the end of your tunnel. when a door closes, they kick it in for you or build a new door. they stay up late with you talking about nothing and everything at the same time. no matter what time of day or night, you can depend on them to be there for you. a true best friend is a treasure because they are normally the ones you would have chosen for family if you had the option to. they love you as you are, no matter your flaws. even when you have royally screwed up, they just look at you and tell you that you were stupid and give you a hug to let you know it's alright and that nothing will ever change between you two. in reality, only a few friends can truly be elevated to the status of best friend because only a few will go to hell and back with you and still love you for who you are.
We have been through boyfriends, break ups, rumors, and fights, but we will always be there for each other, because that's our job as best friends.
by Teddiann January 02, 2011
friends who have endless conversations about anything and they can do everything together
liam and emily are bestfriends!
by slutty librarian May 12, 2010
somone you trust completely.
with your life and deepest darkest secrets.
but they aren't just your strongest confidant.
they're your accomplice. you do everything with
them. you understand eachother. you laugh
too much with them. have too much fun with them.
you think alike. almost scary alike.

basically, they're your other half.
He took my chips so i called a bastard and he shot back with whore. This couple looked at us, i said "it's okay, he's my bestfriend." They left.
by silverjane(: August 02, 2009
two people sharing alot in common and can talk about anything
Josh and Rj bestfriends
Rob and Big bestfriends
by jeeshwa January 07, 2009
Somoene you can trust.
Someone you can love.
Someone you can sob with.
Someone you can be happy with.
Someone that you will always keep.
Someone that is bff with you.
Someone like...
Your best friend!
Olivia:I can say everything to you that is above us!
Caroline:ME TOO!
Olivia:OMG! Its true!
Caroline:We are best friends!
by Caroline Rox And You Know It October 16, 2008

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