A best friend is a true friend, a good friend, an amazing friend. Somebody that should always be there for you and that you should go to for advice. Somebody that tells you that you look like a hot mess honestly rather than lie to your face and say you look pretty. Someone that tells you all their secrets cuz they trust you not to go behind their back and tell the whole school their secret like a huge bitch. I'm Hannah Montana! Sshh..don't tell anyone. :)
My best friend Annie is fucking awesome!

My best friend Sally helped me out with some real serious shit last year.
by The Hit September 07, 2009
the best person that can help you, cry with you and mend the little cracks in the heart, a friend
some one that is best at being your friend therefore making them your best friend, better than your other regular friends
by singer201998 July 13, 2009
Someone who doesn't care who you hang out with, what shit you get yourself into, or what you talk about. The only person that you trust your entire life with. The one you tell everything to without fear of judgement. The one that you have the best memories with. The one that will always mean the most to you. The only person that you could spend days and days with and still have something to talk about. The only one where nothing gets awkward. The only one that you love a lot more than they love you.

Above all, the one's trust you want above anything else in the world. The only trust that really matters to you.
amk my best friend <3
by rachelllrachelllrachelllrachel October 12, 2008
(n.)- People who LOVE each other for there lives. Those hotties with those bodies. The promise you have with somebody. They are cooler then anybody else. You have the best times with them. You love them forever.
Those Best Friends are walking, talking sex gods.
by Aimsssssss December 02, 2007
One of those incredible miracles that you rarely find in life.
Sometimes you run across those 'best friends' who really aren't- they stab you in the back repeatedly...but in that case, you dump them and move on.

Though, sometimes, you find 'the one.'
It's incredibly similar to being in a relationship...but these people may or may not drive you as crazy.
You can confide in a best friend, make stupid silly mistakes and they wont care, share your pizza with-without them caring about sharing germs, and always remind them that you will win the burping contests.
You can share clothes, ideas, stories, and secrets, and they'll share them with you, too.
me: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude........
best friend: what?
me: you took some of my pizza.
best friend: who cares? *steals the rest of the pizza*
me: FUCKER! but i love you anyways
best friend: you betta'
by nnaammee October 26, 2007
"Bestfriends" is a big word, you can have friends and you can have bestfriends, but you know who your bestfriends are, those are the ones who would take a bullet for you and honestly that you love like a brother, you make fun of each other, do stupid shit, but thats where the love comes from, but in the end you will always be there for each other until the day you die!
Bestfriends can kick rocks
by A loyal ferg September 02, 2014
The friend that's cool enough to help hide the dead body of the douche flirting with your girl.
J: oh shit, oh shit, oh shit....
K: don't worry man, we can always hide the body!
J: ok man, you're my best friend.
by JayJayAttackAttack June 03, 2013
The friend you are closest to. No other friends are as close to a best friend as your best friend. They never leave you out, and actually care about you greatly. They are people who you tell everything to. They love, you and never call anyone else their best friend. They can also be rude, but never take it to offense. Share tons of inside jokes
You don't compare to my best friend
by amaanna April 01, 2013

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