A best friend is a person who means the most to you. You always think about them, and miss them when they aren't with you. You have inside jokes with them and a whole bunch of little things that are only significant to the two of you. You know each others family and practically live at each others house. You may call their parents 'mom' or 'dad'. This is the person you trust with your biggest secrets. You tell them anything and everything, and you think alike. This person understands you best, and gets you. You can talk on the phone for hours without even saying anything. You may go to the bathroom, take showers, or sleep while on the phone with this person. You love this person and all their faults, knowing that's what makes them who they are. You do everything together, and you don't need to worry about what they will think of you if you do this or that. They act crazy with you and have no problem looking mentally retarded with you. They might accidently ruin your stuff, or mess something up, but you just laugh because you love this person to death. You would take a bullet for this person, and they should come before boyfriends or girlfriends. They always consider your feelings, and they probably tease you a lot. You say mean things to each other because you find it funny. You may laugh at random things the normal person wouldn't. This person loves to be with you, and you are probably very similar. This is the person you're not afraid to say 'i love you' to, and sleep in the same bed with them. You may have known them since kindergarden, or since highschool. You just find this person fun, and loyal. Best friends are the best people in the world.
My best friend reads my mind.
I would say she is almost like an exact copy of me. And even though she pees her pants on my bed, I still love her to death, and she is my favorite person in the entire world.
by :] ilybestieee. February 18, 2008
Someone Who Wants You To Always Be Happy, Irreguardless Of How It Happens,

Someone Who Will Always Be By Your Side,

Someone Whom You Can Entrust Your Life With.

Someone Who No Matter How Tough The Going Gets, They Never Get Going.

Having A True Best Friend, Is A Bond Even Stronger Than Beinf Married.
Its Two In The Morning, You Just Had The Worst Nightmare Of Your Life, You Cant Sleep, And Your Seriously Shooken Up, You Call Your Best Friend And She/He Could Calm You With Very Few Words.
by AshhMariee69 April 12, 2011
someone you cant live without
a person who you count on for anything

& who can just look at you and know what your thinkingg
someone who knows you so well they basically finish your sentenc
&someone who you can be your total self around and not be judged what so ever .someone who can just look at and they know exactly what your thinking

the friend who goes to the mall and gets out with you for being retards
you & me are tighter then a nuns pussy . We are bestfriends

cute guy walks by

you look at him then look at your besffriend

and she says i know (:
by bon qui qui (: August 23, 2010
a best friend is someone you love no matter what they say or do. It doesn't matter where you are, you always have fun. Its really hard to get mad at your best friend, and the only time i ever had a fight with my best friend it was because i was a total bitch and i regret it. Even when shes in London we will still be best friends.
Lily and aya are best friends:

Lily: ch ch charlie brown

Aya: wtf?? watever ch ch charlie brown

Lily +Aya: we dont care if we are over an active volcano, we r still best friends!!!!!!!!!!!


by haha3 February 06, 2009
the people in your life who are just as weird as you are.
taylor and sara are best friends forever. :)
by rachelx3 December 15, 2009
When you can talk about jizz under a boob flap without feeling awkward.
Person 1: Hey Savannah, did you hear about Jimmy jizzing in April's boob flap yesterday?
Person 2:If we weren't best friends, this would be very very awkward.
by sportslovr15 September 20, 2009
Two people who run to each other to give them huge hugs, even though they saw them just yesterday. Someone you share amazing memories with, and someone who appreciates who you are as a person. Whenever someone says your best friends name, you smile.

That's what a best friend is.
My best friend. is someone who I can tell anything to.
by woahiloveyou. July 10, 2009
The one person in your life who you trust and care about more than any of your friends, even your close ones. The first person you think about when someone says "Why don't you call a friend?". Someone you can stay up all night talking to, even if you have nothing to say. Your greatest comfort, and also your greatest source of laughter. The one and only person who will always be there for you, no matter what. Even though you may find other people to call "best friends" in your life, that one person will always be there at the back of your mind, waiting for you to take them back
Harriet-Hey, Bea? Can you talk?
Beatrice-Of course, Har. But why are you calling me at 3 in the morning?
Harriet-I don't know...I just really need to talk.
Beatrice-Okay. About what?
Harriet-Fredrick. He...he...
Beatrice-They had to go through with the open heart surgery after all!?
Harriet-**stifles a sob** They did, Bea. They did.
Beatrice-Oh Har, I'm so sorry.
Harriet-Oh, thanks, Bea. But it's just...he was so young and full of life--
Beatrice-Har, he's 87 years old. It was bound to happen sometime.
Harriet-**laughs**. Oh, Bea, you always know how to cheer me up! Seventy-five years later, and we're still best friends.
by Anna L.C. July 20, 2008

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