A girl and a guy who both have someone, but are lovers secretly, yes they are friends but also lovers. They don't have to have anyone either if they are friends who mess around, they are condsidered bestfriends too.

guy one: hey dude whats up (on the phone)
guy 2: nothin' whats up wit you
guy 1: I'm chillin' wit my Best friend
guy 2: who mike?
guy 1: Naw Ebony
guy 2: ooooooooow
guy 1: yeah man we about kick it and do what we do at the crib.
guy 2: yo man that's crazy, dag you usin her
guy 1: Usin' her? I'm not usin' her we bestfriends that's what a female/male Best friends do, stupid, we lovers and friends it's the same thing just closer.
guy 2: aight homie
guy 1:aight
by saahny December 07, 2005
someone you can depend on to be there for you when there is no one else you can talk to
Someone you can truly say you trust without any doubt
A person who is not two faced when you tell them something they wont tell anyone someone you love
I love my bestfriend and she is the bestest bestfriend you can ever have

n im out fa da '04
reppin '07
by Nyteria February 23, 2004
people in the world who lighten your every move and u miss more than words say when u are not together
han, taz and jen
by she devil September 21, 2003
Two people that basically share a life. Two people who could crush eachother's worlds, but loves eachother too much to. People who knew that they had something special from the beginning. People who is first on eachother's mind to spend time with, or talk to. People who can laugh about anything, write a book together, even weird stuff, such as go to the plaster cottage together, read cookbooks in barnes and nobles together while the "cool" thing to do is hang out in anywhere other than a bookstore on a friday night. People who you can always count on being there, even five years in the future, and they are. People who can practically read eachother's minds.
Alex and Ellie are bestfriends because they are always there for eachother, and are going to JMU together and basically have ESP.
by HC, HMC?! May 06, 2006
1. A person who is close and dear and is there when you need them. (This is a best friend forever.)

2. An object/item that is extremely useful. (This is a best friend only for the moment you declare it as one.)
1. When my mom yells at me, I call my best friend to sort my feelings out.

2. a. It's raining... luckily I have my best friend!! (an umbrella)

b. Whenever I do my chemistry homework, I make sure to have my best friend with me. (periodic table)
by madtapa February 28, 2005
The person you call for every reason imaginable, or no reason at all.
My best friend is the person I call just to know that despite the miles separating us there is still some one who'll listen even when there's nothing to say.
by Chrizzy February 22, 2006
A best friend is some one you can count on NO MATTER WHAT. This is a person you could not life with out even if you TRIED. You can just sit there in complete silence and know exactly what the other is thinking. This person owuld NEVER lie to you or talk behind your back.
BEST FRIENDS mean I pulled the trigger

If we go down,
we go down together
best friends means
-Taking Back Sunday
by Linaa June 21, 2006
Someone that will always be there for you no matter what happens.
Diana and Robert are a perfect example of best friends.
by Yoshidragon April 12, 2007
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