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(noun) A name for a cow or a weird girl that often makes cow like noises.
Gosh that Bessie is a weird one.
I heard Bessie all night long making those strange Bessie noises, I thought a mother cow was dying.
by Tess Mini February 16, 2009
Very amusing girl who can sometimes be really crazy but in a good way. A bessie is always very suportive of your decisions altough she does occationally laugh at them. Also really likes babies so watch out.
Look at her go! She's a real Bessie that one.

Mother 1: "Did you see that Bessie!?"
Mother 2: "Yes! she tried to steal your baby!"
by Poisedon(GodoftheSea) November 05, 2011
adj; used to describe someones alter ego when they're consuming alcoholic substances and acting RAUNCHY!

noun; drunk shit
"woah, put bessie away"
"maybe you should stop drinking.. your bessie's showing!"
by christin heart May 29, 2008