A person who is a beast. Usually tall, muscular,cool,humorous and very very sexy. The girls just can't stop thinking about how much of a sexy beast he is and to make it even cooler he is Egyptian.So They all want to have him.
Girl 1: WOW!! Look at Beshoy. He looks so freakin sexy!!

Girl 2: Ya damn!! I wish i can be with him.

Girl 3: Ya same here.

Girl 4: Me too...to bad hes taken

Girl 5: Yeah he is such a beast.

Girl 6: Look at those muscles

Girl 7: There so big and sexy

Girl 8: WOW! He is just so sexy

Girl 9: Yeah..i love him..

Girl 10: He is such a man.
by bigb85 September 07, 2008

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