Noun: referring to someone very close to you, like a best friend. Someone who shares the same interest with you.
My besh likes to play golf with me.
by Sam Sahl November 24, 2009
Top Definition
A word substituting bitch. Created by Group-X.
"You son of a besh"
by Calle, Kaj October 06, 2003
In kazakh it's a short of Besbarmak - national kazakh meal, made of dough and lots of meat (usually horse meat). Bes means 5 and barmak - finger, five fingers, kazakhs used to eat it with their hands.
The boiled meat is usually diced with knives and mixed with boiled noodles.
My fav meal is besh. It's so delicious!
by EmInara January 08, 2012
What old Persian men say when they cannot believe what they had just heard.
In place of "bitch."
Ignorant car dealer: "well--"
Old Persian man: "EXCUUUUSEE ME BESH??"
by Behbear April 05, 2011
The complete opposite of Zesh.
That poo smells besh!
by Pound Koin August 31, 2008
To get embaressed in front of a large amount of people.
Teacher:Where's your homework?

Student:i left it at home,in my room,sorry.

Teacher:So if i call your mom to check your room,she'll find it?


*calls mom*

Teacher:Your mom checked your room,no sign of any school work at all.

^Ultimate Besh^

can be used with.

Beshed on the spot!

Pure beshed man.


just got beshed fool.

beshality bro.

Ugh i got in trouble last night.

response:dude,you got beshed by your parents?
by ummabadda July 03, 2006
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