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While having sex with a girl, stare at another woman in the room.
I pulled a berty on her and her friend.
by Djmm187 November 19, 2008
Berties is the code for bullshit. Derived from Berties Bullshit.
Give him the royal berties, he'll never know.
by mgilberties March 28, 2013
Abbrev. Liberties

To assume privileges that have not been bestowed upon you.

To get above your station
OI ! I was watching that !

Who's house do you think you're in in man ? Seriously, that was bare berties. Get the kettle on.

Oh right, yeah help yourself to angel cake, dont mind me. Is this a sponsored bertathon ?
by Man79 October 24, 2010
Trashy, stupid-faced, uncouth, definitely Grundy
Bro could that guy be any more Berty?
by Jbomb718 March 19, 2015
Abbrev. Liberty

An act of rudeness in which the perpetrator has exceded their privilege and encroached upon the rights of another.
That was Rob's tea, dont you think that drinking it was a bit of a berty ?
by Man79 October 24, 2010
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