Really couldn't give a damn
'George Bush is coming to London'
by Chris Hume December 24, 2003
A Grass after the london Gangster Bertie Smalls
Don't bring tom he's a bertie
by Ryan_m3 October 19, 2007
Someone who makes up farfetched stories and events which ‘happened to him’
When confronted about this he will get very stressed and insist the event did happen, if you still say it didn’t he will go on to be abusive.

Someone who falls in love every 5 minutes with miscellaneous girls over the internet having not met them, or even spoken to them for long.

A user.

Someone who has their head so far up their own arse they cannot see the light, yet continue munching on their own shit until they believe it.

Someone who insists they are fit and awesome at life; yet could do with losing a few pounds and learning to spell properly.

Someone who likes to believe they have a large female 'fan base' and are quite simply 'the sex'. Yet, unknown to him most girls think he is a total twat.
guy: "omg mate i got mugged twice today, then hit by a car and stabbed"
mate: "dude, stop being such a bertie"

lad: "i dont know what to do!! i have all these girls after me, who shall i choose? they all think im so hawt!"
girl: "'re such a bertie!"

*who in their right mind would find him in the slightest attractive? arrogant cocky bastard, he's such a bertie*
by don't care? January 28, 2008
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