A blow up doll that is "big boned" and is a french maid
dude 1: i want to go do it with bertha
dude 2: man you need a girlfriend
by sirsex a-lot June 03, 2007
Top Definition
Bertha is a female Germanic name, from Old High German berhta meaning "bright one". She is very intelligent hardworking and a trustworthy friend. Everybody wants to be her.
Hey Bertha is cool.
by chickennuggets01 March 28, 2015
The women who has curves for days. Once you see her, you can never stop thinking about her. The way she drives around on her cart with her groceries makes any man go wild.
Whoa, Bertha is looking good with them groceries.
by IAmALittleGirl August 27, 2015
A person who's parents wanted them to remain a virgin a very long time by giving them such a lousy name
Boy, your parents must have really hated you to name you Bertha.
by Getboners July 12, 2014
Bertha is an illegal drug, commonly used in the southeastern Ukrainian regions. Users will take a hollow shell made of solidified Crack Cocaine, filled with weed smoke and coated generously in Mexican Black Tar Heroin. Users will then load this into a Big Bertha Cannon and send the drugs into their rectal cavity. This drug is very illegal, but rarely used because of the high prices to import Heroin from North America. People refer to this as the "Finisher drug," because it is said that those who take Bertha and survive never will do another drug again.
"Did you hear about Mike? He died trying Bertha last night!"
"AW, thought that pussy could take it."
by waetaermaelaen August 16, 2014
A huge ass, wide load, junk in the trunk
Damn that guy has a bertha!
by spencer bamf November 19, 2010
a massive 3 litre bottle of cider. usually consumed before gigs and other large sessions of heavy drinkin.
Ste - "you coming down the fally tonite to dance with some goths"

Jim - "yeah man im getting a bertha, do you want one?"

Ste - "fucking right eastbourne style!"
by James Paterson September 21, 2007
An annoying roommate of sorts, usually obnoxious, fat, dirty, smelly, rude, and bitchy.
Wow! Bertha did the floor a favor when she showered this morning.

Ah! I wanted to kick Bertha in the face.
by Anti-Bertha League May 03, 2007
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