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something that is crazy and gets out of hand
that wedding was berserker, there were people fighting all over
The Codename for the Schwarz member from Weiss Kreuz, Farfello
Berserker is considered insane... =)
by Farfello April 28, 2004
A norse warrior who drank the pee of slaves (trells) after said slaves had eaten mushrooms. The physical exertion of battle would kill the warriors if the mushrooms hadn't been filtered first.
Holy crap, that berserker drank a whole barrel! Those English are gonna get it today!
by Biggin May 11, 2006
What you proclaim after ruining someones shit in a game of CS or Halo 2.
I totally went berserker on those blues didnt i?
by Cheesebadger January 09, 2005