yes there is a berkley and it is a city in michigan, as apposed to berkeley calaforina were not full of fags and hippies.
City: Berkley, MI 48072
Population (2000): 15,529
Housing units: 6,833
Land area: 2.4 sq. mi.
White population: 14,921
Black population: 108
American Indian population: 38
Asian population: 160
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population: 2
Some other race population: 62
Two or more races population: 238
Median household income (1999): $57,620
by double_d March 09, 2007
A Berkley is a punishment and can be administered when your girl drops your phone. You issue her pain by lifting your hand (The hand you use, will be determined by where your girl is positioned at the time the dropping of the phone occurs).
If she is on your left side. Swing your left arm up towards your right shoulder so that the palm is inward facing the shoulder. Then slide your arm up so that your left hand is by your right ear.
Shake your arm and form your hand in pimp-hand formation. Look at your girl and get pissed. Then swing your left hand from your shoulder to her face in a down and up swing like swinging a bat. Before you swing and smack, remember while your hand is in a shaking pimp hand form shout out BERKLEY in the most nerdy hateful way, then swing away. DO THIS ALL AT ONCE FOR POSITIVE RESULTS

People who issue the Berkley are complete white trash, army brat, abusive assholes. You should never hit women
His girl dropped his phone and he gave her da Berkley.
He is a real dumbass.

by Berkely April 08, 2009
A big fat ugly hippo who enjoys eating llamas and bathing in sheep's blood. Berkleys always try to steal your food and possibly your soul. They often hide your soul in raisin boxes and try to steal your children.
Johnny: "Hey have you seen my soul? I left it over here by the raisin section...."
by berkleyisabigfatskankwhore November 16, 2010
A sexual position that includes large amounts of perspiration and the sinking of a partner into a tempur-pedic mattress.
I Berklied my girlfriend yesterday, got her chin all wet. IT was a truly Epic Berkley!
by ANZZX January 19, 2011
1. A stupid, ugly whore who chases after other girls' boyfriends.

2. The kind of girl who has sex in her car with boys she doesn't know; a total slut.
1. Girlfriend: That stupid, ugly bitch won't stop txting him, even after he's told her he's with me.

Friend: Ugh! She is such a Berkley!

2. Did you hear what that Berkley girl did? She had sex with a boy she doesn't even know, in the back of her car. Who wants to guess how many STDs she has?
by auto1989 October 04, 2010
A place with lots of hippies, punks, goths, stoners, weed, gay people.

You can be who you are.
Berkley, California is the shit
by A'Spades October 28, 2004
a place where gay men make-out with each other and lesbians makeout with each other
by Anonymous July 25, 2003

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