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A hyundai tiburon driving douche bag, who has a micro scopic penis, no friends, a giant dildo in his ass, which is engulfed in hot sauce, and has bewbs bigger than 97% of all women on earth. He has a fat ass and he is a turkish mofo who eats cocks for breakfast, lunch and dinner and brunch and a mid night meal, which makes him so fat, that its not even funny. A funny looking muthafucking, douche having, genital warts eating, fag looking, asshole.

It is also the most crazy ass swear word in the whole world (even in africa). You will disgrace someone by calling them a berkcan so bad that they will kill themselves instantly.
Jamal: Yo, Deshawn, you a berkcan, dawg,
Shit he's dead.
by AfricanLover (just kidding) February 25, 2010

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