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1. (noun) Bepanthen is the brand name of a cream ointment designed to prevent nappy rash in babies, but which is also used in the aftercare of tattoos.

2. (verb) To imbue an object or, more frequently, a person with the spirit, agility and abilities of a panther, for example via the ingestion of panther blood purified by forbidden magicks. Ironically, one cannot become bepanthened via the application of Bepanthen.
With a terrible sneer, Dromkar handed me the chalice of blood. It emitted a mysterious green vapour. I swallowed the vital feline fluid and almost immediately I felt my muscles tighten, my reflexes sharpen and felt my nails sharpen to claws. I had been bepanthened by the claret cocktail.
by P. N. Ther January 22, 2012
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