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As any discussion about Apple vs. Microsoft grows larger, the probability that a Linux troll will spoil everything approaches 1.
Windows User: Windows 7 is Microsoft's best OS ever. Loads faster, uses fewer resources, and is much more secure.

Apple User: Feh, Mac OS solved those problems years ago. Besides, it's written for the hardware it runs on, so it's much more stable and a lot faster.

Linux User: Fuckin Kool-Aid drinkers! Only loosers (sic) use an off-the-shelf OS. REAL hax0rz use Linux. Your all pussies for falling for Micro$oft's bullsh*t, and Macs r 4 fags. Enjoy being buttraped, n00bz.

Windows User: I wondered how long it would take someone to pull Benton's Law out of his ass.
by piperdown71 November 02, 2009
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