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A school located in the lush heart of Lafayette, CA plagued by a plethora of white, spoiled wannabes complete with Mustangs galore and an overall mediocre sports program.

The tuition, a copious amount of money, exceeds the cost of some prestigious private colleges (Note: Students do not necessarily go on to attend prestigious private colleges, except in the case of family legacies/bribery).

While it is true that the school requires an application, somehow the amalgam of dumb blondes present each day does not necessarily justify the need for an application.
Nobody at my school likes me, but my parents happen to own a large oil field, so I will go to Bentley High School.

My teachers told me I was worthless, so I went on to be valedictorian at Bentley High School.
#bently #bentley #spoiled whores #mt. diablo high school #money #loners
by DonsBlue August 08, 2009
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