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Bente is a beautifull but bented woman, often redheaded and hotheaded. A Bente is the center of attention and she is a magnet to all men and women of resonable wit. Her humor is spiced with sexual undertones and a Bente often uses her own experience in her humoristic storytelling.

But be aware, calling your child Bente might result in a child of great temper though beauty will follow the temper hand in hand.
Oh my god, that was a good bente.
by milf and honey September 28, 2010
Bente is a fucking snitch-teacher.. she thinks shes all cool, helpsome, funny and pretty.. she thinks she got a nice voice 2... SHE AINT NOTHING OF WHAT I SAID.. i got one thing to say about her.. FUCK THAT SNITCH.. she is a snitch.. snitch, snitch, snitch, snitch.. makes my parents mad at me.. bitch.. whattafuck she means I aint showin no respect.. I JUST COME LATE.. AND SHE CALLS MY MOTHA AND SENDS HER EMAIL EVERYDAY..
"Your boy is coming late 2 school everyday, he isnt showing no respect"
by snitch_hater February 04, 2004
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