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Similar ro a "nipple twister", but must be executed with a clockwise 45 degree turn, Whilst exclaiming "Bent Penny"

Usually from Bully to Nerd
"Hey, Hey nerd whats that on your shirt!? OH..BENTPENNY!"
by Luke Yates June 16, 2008
Aka lead piece or screamer, it's general slang we trumpet players use for that f***ing shallow mouthpiece each of us have in our cases for when we have to play anything that's high, loud, and in your face.

Or when we have to make your mom cum on the horn and/or after. Especially when her name is Penny.
My "bent penny" is a Marcinkiewicz Bobby Shew 2. Oh, say hi to your mum for me.
by AdenosinePush January 03, 2012
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