damn nigga im fucking bent
by Anonymous September 28, 2002
To get bent .. to get fucked .
Definition and example to Get bent to get fucked . HEY go get BENT! (Hey go get fucked) YOur bent now . (your fucked now) Dont get Bent (dont get fucked)
by Tony October 12, 2004
Used to describe to a buddy what your fantasy or intentions are when you see a smokin piece of ass. Mainly in regards to standing behind a woman, gently pushing her forward so that while she is standing she bends forward giving you full access for Doggystyle delight! Rather than actually saying "Oh man that chick is hot! I would love to get behind that ass and pound it all night long!" You just say "Bent!"
All one needs to say is simply "Bent"
Your buddy should clue in to what you are talking about, without the both of you being so obvious while in close proximity of the "bendee."

by R.Trelford March 04, 2004
a person who teases and does sexual things with the same sex but would never be in a relationship the the same sex
Jack and Bill could't be together because Jack was bent and just wanted Bill for his sex.
by dewayne July 24, 2006
to be messed up off xanex bars.
I am so bent right now, i cant even stand.
by CoURt_ThE_NiG August 25, 2005
1.stupid 2.dumb (getting it twisted)
1. man you must think i'm bent!!!
2. dog...you must be bent if you think that i'll chill with you
by miget January 01, 2004
Someone who is Gay.
You bent wanker.
by Anonymous July 15, 2003

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