1. An individual who abuses his/her position of power, or operates on the periphery of legality

2. Homosexual
1. That copper is as bent as a nine pound note.

2. That Terry is as bent as a Uri Geller cutlery set
by Our-Man-In-Nantucket January 29, 2004
A electronic device that has been altered to make sound it was not orignally intended to make. Usually the result of circuit bending.
I bent a CD player and now it makes noise like Merzbow.
by Xdugef May 23, 2005
to be confused about something or to be mistaken
Bitch you got me bent if think I like him!
by Imani November 19, 2004
to have a talent for
she has a bent for painting.

she has a bent for blowjobs, they are fantastic

he has a bent for car repair
by Jake March 06, 2004
Yo when you drunk as shit.
Lat night wen we got dose hos i was bent.
by Matt January 06, 2005
A person who is not constrained by convention; a person who has a wacky sense of humor.
I love people who are bent.
by Mosiah May 26, 2005
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