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Despite what all other definitions say, a Benson is someone who partakes in sexual practices with a person of the same gender.
Elton John is a dirty fuckin Benson
by BSF_Clubfoot April 06, 2007
Another name for a bloke that drops anchor in poo bay.
Dupeglavi is a benson!
by Pete81 August 15, 2008
Benson: (n) (adj)
1. Something that legitimises a severe bucknor.
First they bucknored me and then they bensoned it! I am toast.
by Kaustubh January 08, 2008
The head, or the general area around it.
That kid's benson is so huge, it looks like he is a bobble-head er' sumthin'.
by Ryan"TheBalls"McDermott January 01, 2006
The next step up from toolshed in the tool family of insults. Indicates an individual that has an air of extremely unwarranted arrogance and is supremely annoying. Stems from the tool company shown in the popular prime-time sit-com from the 90's, Home Improvement.
Person 1: Man, that Winston is a real fucktard.

Person 2: Yeah , he's a Benson.
by Tatersalad1246 May 07, 2007
it means very very gay if ur named this word then ur gayness IS The gayest gayness of them all
ur mama so gay shes... BENSON!!!
by iono1123112311123 January 03, 2008
When you drop a single long thick duece where the front end sticks out of the water and you cant see the back end because it is down the toilet.
Ron really had to drop one and did the Benson.
by Mike Benson August 29, 2006