The head, or the general area around it.
That kid's benson is so huge, it looks like he is a bobble-head er' sumthin'.
by Ryan"TheBalls"McDermott January 01, 2006
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A girl's dorm at The Culver Academies. It is by far the best dorm to be in. It is pretty run-down though.
Oh man she lives in Benson, I gotta date her.
by Benson Babe April 21, 2008
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A sarcastic drunkard with a last name as his first name.
That guy is such a jerk, he can only be a Benson!

Only a Benson would create an Urban Dictionary War
by pronoun149 November 03, 2010
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VERB: The act of accidentally shitting when you fart

bensoned, bensoning, to benst,
Example: I just farted and I think I bensoned my pants.
by Coco Puffer August 24, 2009
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-verb. to display stomach prominently usually while lecturing at a blackboard.

-adjective. characterized by being the greatest advisor in the world; being supportive, highly loyal; greatly skilled at delivering just the right advice when you need it
-verb. My friend hates seeing folds of fat, so when fat chicks Benson, he has to barf.

-adjective. My mom was so Benson this summer, she was so supportive with my getting over heroine, and now I am going to get into a great college!
by zoolander_boobs February 07, 2010
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Someone that is gay,homosexual and is sexually attracted to men.
Your mate is a benson.
I'm not a benson
by ChrisGoudie February 21, 2008
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Can mean almost anything, however most commonly used as an insult. Benson can be substituted for almost any word in any Benson.

Has an interesting habit of cropping up when you least expect it. Benson.

Use is encouraged. Spread the Benson.

Famous people fortunate enough to have Benson included in their name include childrens TV presenter, Dave Benson Philips, and American musician, Brendan Benson.
You are a complete Benson!

Shut up Benson.

What are you doing you Benson??

Jimothy you are the Daddy Benson.

Dexter you are a root. And a Benson.

Aright squire, give us 3 Guinness, 2 Stella, and a Magners.
What was that? 3 Bensons, 2 Bensons, and a Benson?
by gclarkey June 02, 2005
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