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They are the sexiest Ladies ever, and have rockin bodies! They attended the st. benedicts university in st. joe minnesota! They are very focused on their studies (they had to be to get in) but they get distracted when a HOT Johnnie walks by. They love working out, and being active. There favorite foods are delicious, and make them become sexy curvacious during the first year. They are not overweight what so ever tho!
Wow look at that girl, she has to be a Bennie! She soooooo friggen sexy and smart!
by bennieluver<3 October 18, 2011
one of the derrogitory terms for a summer tourist at the New Jersey Shore. A Bennie is an upsacle version of a shoebie. Shoebies come from New York or Philadelphia with their stuff in a shoe box. Bennies go down the shore for a week, usally with their families and or girl friends. They make a point of showing off by flashing large amounts of cash around, usually $100 bills. This practice has earned them the nickname, Bennie.
Pizza Guy #1: "the nerve of that guy...wanting to pay for a slice of pizza with a hundred dollar bill. Didn't he see the sign, (No Large Bills)."
Pizza Guy #2: "Well its that time of year again. Thats the 4th Bennie we've had this week."
by dpon62 November 10, 2007
A guy who is down to earth, caring, funny, strong and awesome. He'll have your back if you have his. He loves cars. He is loyal and he'll treat a girl like a queen. Don't upset him or he'll hold a grudge forever. He's cute and everyone wants him.
Boy: you know bennie?
girl: of course! He's the best
by BestFF January 01, 2013
An unattractive guy with a strange blonde fetish. While fairly nice, his kindness doesn't conceal his occasional douchey-ness. He lies about, well, everything. His crushes, his secrets, and his undercover identity as a terrorist. Ya. Pretty sucky.
Come on, dude, don't be such a BENNIE.

Why not?

Cuz Bennies suck now and until the end of days.

by EeyoreInYoFace July 15, 2014
defecating on the closed lid of a porta potty
Make sure you lift the lid so you don't leave a bennie!
by thomas gunnz January 28, 2016
A person from North Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania they come to the Jersey Shore, as a tourist, during the summer. They like to stay all summer long, too. They litter the beaches because they don't clean up after themselves. They stop at the E-Z Pass trying to put money in it. They suck at driving and they are easy to spot because they take photos of unimportant events in their life like walking on the boardwalk. Also, the way they dress is noticable because they wear socks and sandals or sneakers on the beach and buy shirts that have the city's name on it. They also need to watch there young children and be better parents. They also like to feed the seagulls and get attacked and don't know why the bennie likes to feed a seagull french fries and then a whole pack swarms them, which makes them more obvious. Locals from New Jersey despise the bennie and want them to go home and never come back. Any local from Jersey can spot a bennie even one who tries to hide it.
"That person is a bennie because they are feeding the seagulls. Dumbass."
by BlackLegion94 December 07, 2009
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