the retarded little bitches in good charlotte they try to sing about life as a teenager even thought they are like in thier mid-twenties.
i heard joel was fucking benji in the ass every night...
by topamonster May 05, 2005
2 seriously ho+++++ twins from gc.even tho they r twins, benji is so much ho+++er(no offence joel)oh and jus to tell yu keep off benji!!hes so fine and ALL MINE!!!!
hold on,movin on,life styles of the rich and the famous,the anthem,wondering,the story of my old man,girls and boys,my bloody valentine,say anythin,the day that i die,the young and the hopeless,riot girla new begining
by Katie Madden February 13, 2004
The extremely untalented twins from Good Charlotte who, their mainly teenybopper fans, have SO much fun writing incest fanfics on! LIEK TOTALLY, CHLOE!!!111

Also, lead singer, Joel is a big fat nonce who is banging MINOR Hilary Duff.

They are successfully destroying punk. The deubuted on MTV but started calling it "Sellout tv". Well, my darlings, that would make you's sellouts too, now wouldn't it?
OMG liek did u read that fanfic were they do 'it' in the car, then the boat and he's liek "hey baby I love you" and Joel's liek "Where are we, my twincester?"
by Michelle The Pirate July 10, 2004
Wanna know something? Dont be surprised!!

They are the HOTTEST twins in THIS world. Plus, Joel is my going-to-be-brother-in-law cuz Avril, my sister going to marry HIM!!!!!

Hurrah!! I'm going-to-be-related to THEM!!
I love Joel and his funky, punk gang!!
by shutMEup March 17, 2004
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