A devil worshiping bastard.
Dude belonged to several Satanic cults.
by sad little man March 05, 2005
Top Definition
One of the 'Founding Fathers', Ben Franklin was a well-known author, statesman, poet, musician, and inventor. Franklin was responsible for some of the most important features of the Constitution. Some of his accomplishments include:

* Inventor of Floam

* Paula Abdul's first dance instructor

* Amish Rake Fighting (scored 27 kills, 83 maims in first season)

* Known to place 'whoopee cushions' under Madison's seat during meetings

* Porked 1275 women during his lifetime

* Was able to leap tall buildings with a single bound

* Often dressed as a pregnant nun and walked through the streets shouting, "Come and get it, fellas!"

* Once walked into Congress after a night of heavy drinking and opened fire with his AK-47

* Liked to play with puppies

* Held regular staring contests with his neighbors

* Tried to have Hillary Clinton drawn and quartered

* Had girly-hippy hair

* Advertises on the $100.00 bill with a frowny face

* Prone to depression and extreme violence

* A Taoist-anarchist

* Hated tuna casserole
Benjamin Franklin was a bad-ass.
by Glastonbury Dex October 24, 2007
To scour the internet to prove a worthless point in a vindictive manner.
He said they didn't ship to Oregon. I looked it up on the internet and Benjamin Franklined his ass.
by stackus October 09, 2008
Man, if only there was cocaine back then...
And so Benjamin Franklin rose his arm above Madison's head.

"You must be this tall to be president"

Followed by tears, tiny tears.

Oh, and John Adams screams like a girl.
by AJDL;SDJ;LS August 17, 2011
When a man licks another man's asshole for $100
Bruce, "Did you hear what Bryce did to Ben in the bathroom?"
Doug, "Yeah, man, he gave him a wet Benjamin Franklin!"
by Wherearemyhands January 21, 2016
When you are "founding" out that you are the "father" of a child age 3 or younger
I went to my ex's house, and she Benjamin Franklin'd me. I owe $5,000 in child support
by Sean HAN April 15, 2009
The founder of the University of Pennsylvania.
Penn was founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin and became the nation's first
university when the School of Medicine opened in 1765.
by happy girl August 23, 2005
A douche bag who likes to play in thunder storms with kites with keys tied to them.
also the old frowning guy on front of the 100 dollar bill.
Benjamin Franklin sucks dick
by Iyup nigga September 07, 2008
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