an epic fail
that guy just pulled a benj
by Titanium Benj May 23, 2010
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One of superior height to oneself, with a phallus of more than triple the length of your own.
Midget: Dude, that guy is a fucking Benj.

Gnome: Quit looking at his knob, you freak.
by Dave/Montague August 06, 2006
some guy like everyone knows of
some people think he doesnt really exist at all

people have said hes good looking and seems to be like the
perfect man

if you see him, give me his number

currently dating that singer chick
girl: is that benj?

guy: um, no. you wouldnt see him in tarren point.
by alissa nay August 06, 2006
As in, 'to Benj'
A vague question, implying something naughty... ;)
Ask only to your bae!

(Created by #Merome)
Bajan: Hey, can I... Benj you? (wink wink)
Jerome: I love you!
by MerFromIngo December 22, 2014
slang for nigga for a white person
-Ima holla at the benj
-ight 1
by Nikka SChwartz April 05, 2005
A man with no balls
He's afraid of responsibilities.. Must be a benj.
by Asdfghjklkjhgfdsa May 07, 2013
1. Another name for someone who believes he is above all others.
2. An asshole, bastard, jerk.
3. Describes someone with selfish tendencies and need to be the center of attention.
4. Coward.
5. A person who ignores those around him.

Lady: That guy is cute, but he's such a benj. I wouldn't date him.

Guy: Stop being a benj, and let me sleep on your couch while my place is being fumigated.
by Cassie McMaddison November 16, 2006

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