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Crazy, fun people. Full of energy, welcoming, usually the life of the party. Fun to be around.
"Man, shes such a benito."
"Invite some benito girls."
"I wish he was a little more benito."
by 2625 May 03, 2009
Person who experiences rage and anger.
An individual who longs for an apology.
Person 1: Hey man you get that touchpad today?
Person 2: No man, I was so benitoed over it.
by justink55 August 26, 2011
Nyphomaniac or Nympho
Guy 1: Damn, did you see that girl?
Guy 2: Nah.
Guy 1: To bad, she looked like she'd be a total Benito.
by super.bell December 08, 2012
Someone who shows up to work whenever they like.
Bob: i haven't seen Jim at work today.

Frank: Yeah he is totally pulling a benito.
by joemartinez June 10, 2009