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n. a definition where one describes something using the same word, but in a different context.

From the popular meme "Sage Advice Ben"
Some examples:
"Brilliance is a sign of brilliance"
"Butt-sex is the butt-sex of sex"

A conversation:

Jim: Dude, don't cry!
Dave: I know, I look weak.
Jim: And as we know, weakness is a sign of weakness.
Dave: Such a Benism. *sob*
by epausti March 15, 2013
A very stupid act, one lacking in intelligence
Look at that for a Benism!! He just bit his own hand off
by FatKez January 25, 2005
To splurt out without thinking or knowing about "Facts" without actually checking that they are correct, whilst being an otherwise intelligent person.
A benism could be:- The USS Nimitz has a one mile long deck...
They did not make colour films in the 50's....
by Christos360 April 07, 2009
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