pretty much the same thing as femp just a more ghetto way of saying it.
"fuck you you're bengis!"(obviously hes using it as an insult)
by Nick Stanise November 20, 2006
Top Definition
Used in Asian areas of the UK such as London, Leeds and Birmingham. Refers to Bangladeshi people in short. Mainly used by Bangladeshi's them selves. Evolved from the word paki and is used only when referring to them in a cool way. Not used in a negative manner.
Judy:She's a bengi man
Nish: Yeah i love them, i wish i was a bengi too!
by Cool persona March 20, 2007
Skilled person, one rare specimen know to man.
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
the term for a young man who spends his days defacating on public properties, spontaneously ejaculating on a bi-weekly basis, and generally scaring off members of the opposite gender or otherwise. often seen deeply breathing by self in corners in malls, restaurants, etc. However, individuals of the first name or surname of Bengis have been blessed by the dance gods, and possess a few of the sickest moves ever seen outside of south central Los Angeles
Girl: Oh my God! Look at Bengis go!
Guy: Yeah, but that kids weird as shit.
Girl: But he can dance like fucking crazy!
Guy: I think he just jizzed in his pants.
Girl: Oh. -Walks off-
by Jackie Q August 02, 2010
it is a turkish name used for beauties. every single girl named bengi must be beautiful. also means "infinite"
-what's your girlfriends name?
+it's bengi.
-you lucky bastard!
by itchigodes April 15, 2014
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