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Verb. - To choose one's friends based on their race in order to end up with a thoroughly multi-ethnic social circle, with the goal of appearing as a sensitive, varied individual who doesn't see color. This is normally carried out by white people. Named after Benetton clothing company ads from the nineties, which were multi-ethnic to a fault. The word is rarely used by those who do it.

An offshoot of quirk hunting.
Ever since I told April that I have an Inuit pen pal, she's been begging me to show her his Facebook. She's just Benettonning.

Wesley went to a black mass to try and Benetton his circle of friends a bit. I don't think it's working.
by 11redred11 November 09, 2010
a high end clothing brand, more formally known as "United Colors of Benetton." The label originates from the infamous Benetton Family out of originally Treviso, Italy. Now, world-reknowned, Benetton sells bright, colorful, and sometimes ridiculous clothing for sometimes expensive prices.
Angelina: Luca, hav-a you-a been to-a Benetton lately?
Luca: No-a, I am-a too busy eating my spaghetti-a.
Angelina: That's-a ok, you can get the same-a stuff at Gap.
by Lauraaaaaaaa August 29, 2006