To get drunk, usually results in said person becoming bent. Possibly short for "bend elbows".
Man, I was doing some serious bending in that game of Drink!.
by Nick D February 02, 2004
Top Definition
A shallow, jobless, culturally bereft town in the middle of Oregon that likes to think of itself as otherwise. Most of its citizens are obsessed with the personal images associated with "organic," "active," "outdoors," and especially "local", which is ironic because most of them aren't from around here. In truth, most Bendites are a bunch of delusional, isolationist yuppies who have no concept of themselves or of the real world around them thanks to the veneer of bullshit with which they surround themselves.
If I have to listen to one more person from Bend drone on about their forced "active" lifestyle, I'm going to shove their mountainbike, skis, snowboard, or running shoes directly up their pretentious, local ass.
#bend #oregon #bachelor #central oregon #yuppy #local #organic #active
by A REAL Oregonian June 07, 2010
used when driving; an instruction to make a turn in either the left or right direction.
Hey I think I saw him back there, bend this block and we can check it out.
by Matthew Whitaker May 14, 2005
to kick something, or toss an object.
Steve: Dude, what's this ball doing over here?

Kayman: I don't know it's probably from one of the kids next door, bend it back and lets get going.

Steve: OK.
#kick #chuck #throw #punt #toss
by Kayeman Lanes March 12, 2006
The awesomest town in Oregon. Great skiing spot and close to the lakes.
I'm going to go Bend the mountain.
#bend #oregon #mt. bachelor #skiing #tourism
by jsrocks October 16, 2008
A gurl who gets around a lot, sometimes even a man but in rarer cases. Basically, a synonym for slag.
'She is SUCH a bend.'
by lil b April 16, 2005
bad + friend = BEND
"Jarell Johnson is the biggest bend"

"candice bended me hardcore, cant believe she did that"
#loser #nigger #friend #enemy #asshole
by gitemgitem February 04, 2010
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