a sex act in which a true hillybilly downeaster uses bait juice as sexual lube.
lets get a barriel of fish and pull ourselves a ben wallace tonight
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by licker12 December 11, 2015
A huge dump
I ate too many chalupas...now I have to take a Ben Wallace.
by Jason Kidd June 01, 2004
A six foot nine NBA Center. Never drafted by a NBA franchise, but signed as a rookie free agent to the Washington Bullets in 1996, where he spent 3 seasons before being traded to the Orlando Magic then traded to the Detroit Pistons a year later, where he plays now. A great defensive player who has averaged 6 points and 10 rebounds in his career. He is also a dick sucking piece of black fagshit who enjoys strolls on the beach with men named Molly.
Hey why is there a dick in your afro? Oh you're Ben Wallace.
by Xion February 12, 2005
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