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The act of suggesting that a group do a certain action and then being the only one unable to perform it. Referring to famous English National Lacrosse keeper Ben McAllister.
Ben: "Hey guys, we should totally parkour this wall."
Sam and Achilles: "Yeah, this'ill be awesome."

Sam and Achilles successfully scale the wall, Ben fails and walks around the block to clear the obstruction.

Sam: "Man, you were Ben McAllistered."
Achilles: "How embarrassing, having the same first name too."
by Red Lightning 77 June 27, 2009
38 4
To suggest everyone do something then be the only one to fail miserably at it. Named after famous English National Lacrosse Team player Ben McAllister.
Guy 1: "Yesterday James suggested we shoot half-court shots 'till we each sunk one. We waited for him for like four hours."

Guy 2: "Sounds like he got Ben McAllistered."
by James243 March 08, 2010
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