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The act of suggesting that a group do a certain action and then being the only one unable to perform it. Referring to famous English National Lacrosse keeper Ben McAllister.
Ben: "Hey guys, we should totally parkour this wall."
Sam and Achilles: "Yeah, this'ill be awesome."

Sam and Achilles successfully scale the wall, Ben fails and walks around the block to clear the obstruction.

Sam: "Man, you were Ben McAllistered."
Achilles: "How embarrassing, having the same first name too."
#ben mcallisterd #bened #pwned #proper hardcore #ben #mcallister
by Red Lightning 77 June 27, 2009
To suggest everyone do something then be the only one to fail miserably at it. Named after famous English National Lacrosse Team player Ben McAllister.
Guy 1: "Yesterday James suggested we shoot half-court shots 'till we each sunk one. We waited for him for like four hours."

Guy 2: "Sounds like he got Ben McAllistered."
#pwn'd #owned #destroyed #rejected #flora dora
by James243 March 08, 2010
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