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THE BEN FRANKLIN is actually one of the oldest sex acts in the United States. In fact, it was invented by Ben Franklin 10 minutes after his famous "kite" experiment. He used it on 96 of the 100 women he impregnated. Wait until your girlfriend is on the rag. While she is giving you a blowjob, tie a skeleton key on the string of her tampon and rub an inflated balloon on her head. The gay version differs. While you are receiving a blow job, you tie a skeleton key on a string, stick the key up your partner's ass, and rub an inflated balloon on his head.
Straight: Reginald, my pussy still hurts from the bugs being zapped by that "Ben Franklin" you gave me last month. I could have used that tampon as makeup for a Minstrel Show. Gay: Jebediah, when you turned a string of my shit into a glowstick by zapping me with that "Ben Franklin," I never laughed so hard in my life. Little did I know you would pull the old switch-a-roo and give me the oldest one in the book.
by Toby Doughbawaski February 24, 2008
ben franklin was the renowned american inventor patriot printer etc...and also a lover of the ladies. any lady.
hence, the term 'ben franklin'. it can be used in lieu of i'd hit that, and also in exchange for bullshit- but only in context of sexuality - ben franklin means 'you'd fuck anything' in this instance.
p1-"ooh i'd hit that, ben franklin"
p2-"not me her knees are too sharp"
p1-"whatever man, ben franklin"
by geoffk January 09, 2006
The pilgrim who used penicillin to kill Godzilla.
Harry: Who is Ben Franklin again?

Lloyd: He's the pilgrim who used penicillin to kill Godzilla.

Harry: Right. How'd you get so smart?

Lloyd: Public school. Yeah. When you live in the basement you breathe in a lot of chalk dust. It writes all the answers all over your brain.
by babyFACEdouche July 29, 2010
(v.) The act of using your penis as a lighting rod.
We needed a volunteer to pull a Ben Franklin for that goofy science experiment.
by Thor November 05, 2004
One of the most famous of the founding fathers. He started out as a runwaway and ended up one of the most loved people in his time. he preached early to bed early to rise but was a party animal in his time. he convinced france to send troops to america to win the revolution. he invented many things such as the franklin stove and bifocals. He also proved the lightning was electricity.
Ben Franklin is on the only man on us money that wasnt a president.
by Historian1990 September 19, 2005
While engaged in a sexual act, cut off the top of your girlfriends hair so she has a Ben Franklin-like haircut. Then Ejaculate on the baldspot u just made and put the hair back on. You my friend, have just done the only Ben Frnaklin
Shirley: Hey, Jerry Ben Franklind me last night
Bill: Oh my god, Gross!
by Marky Mark Fa Sho May 06, 2008
Anal penetration. B.F. (or buttfuck) --> Benjamin Franklin
That kid Ben Franklins his pet rabbit all day, what a fairy.
by forumsnow419 March 30, 2009
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