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The hottest guy in the history of the music industry. Extremely talented. My soulmate. Yuk yuk yuk.
Who was that guy you were with last night?
Oh, that's just Ben Burnley.
Isn't that the guy from Breaking Benjamin?
He's hot.
I know.
Why were you with him?
He's my soulmate
by The Only Jane Doe August 01, 2007
110 21
Ben Burnley is the led singer of BREAKING BENAJIM an amazing band cheek them out!!!Ben burnley is so fuckin sexy oh my goodness :p
Random person: oh my gosh who is that?
Me: thats the very sexy Ben Burnley form breaking benajim
Random person:yes he is one sexy beast
by Super S February 06, 2005
259 67
Ben Burnley- Unbelievably sexy and talented. Possibly the hottest lead singer ever. Frontman of Breaking Benjamin.
Speaker 1: That must be the sexiest man ever.
Speaker 2: Yes, that's Ben Burnley.
by she_dexy March 14, 2005
216 28
Total Moron, that sacks his fellow band members for no real reason!!
Ben - Your fired
Other member - Why?
Ben - Cos i feel like it!!
by Scattyman May 01, 2005
35 334