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"Your (fuckwhore) mother's favorite CELEBRITY jeweler"

A blogger sits all day blogging while bitching with his shoes, jewels, and his gold-digger girlfriend(s)

Pretends to be friends with DJ AM(+), Rob Kardashian, Apolo Ohno aka the Young Ones. In short, he doesn't have friends that is about the same age as he is.

Former Niketalker and "retiree" in sneaker collecting. Now reps Supra and LRG(horrible brand of jeans and shirt). He even said Nike has hierarchy and all that shit(see Nike sweatshop)

Pretends to be black using his slang and typing (He is a Crip). But in the end of the day, he is only a fucking simp.

Pretends to be 6'1" but he's has the height of average Koreans. He is insecure when people shits about his height.
Hypebeast(reps Nike/LRG): Holy shit dude did you Ben Baller's blog? He got a lot of heat..

Hypebeast #2(reps Supra): Hell yea. I need to buy all his shit his selling. Too bad I wear 11, he wears 10.

Hypebeast: Yea that dude lies a lot. Fuck he said he's 6'1" but he wears 10 wtf! I bought his Nike LA rug though because I'm a hypebeast.
by kingcrux31 September 22, 2010