Acronym expanded to the Brass Eye Mailing List Industrie (SA). Also known as the Brasslist (obs). A mailing list for opinionated deskbound cnuts whose origin was in discussing and promoting the Brass Eye satirical television series created by the comedian Christopher Morris.
BEMLi inagaiutb, as ever.
by Nick Mailer January 30, 2003
Top Definition
A bunch of tedious cunts.
Ex 1: "Bemli - what a bunch of tedious cunts!"

Ex 2: "Bemli - What a tedious bunch of cunts!"
by Phillip Gargin January 30, 2003
adj. 1. Of a statement, meaningful only to the person making that statement, possibly. Any other meanings are made up by the person reading the statement, and are probably wrong. 2. By extension to a person or things, essentially meaningless and arbitrary.

See also gaye.
"'Comewhat tantramount copyright theft' is a very BEMLi thing to say."
"That Huw Edwards, he's right bemli he is"
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
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