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When one passes belligerent on the scale of drunkeness. So drunk that your RA and other girls on your floor cry at your sheer level of drunkeness. Things that might occur while bemitcherent are: Throwing lunchtrays all over a dorm lobby, getting an underage drinking ticket, calling the security director a cunt, repeatedly yelling "Shut the fuck up. Do you know what shut the fuck up means? IT MEANS SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Screaming what the fuck do you want at multiple cops and attempting to fight multiple people at the same time.
"Dude what the fuck did I do lastnight? I wokeup bleeding and with a ticket"
"I don't even know where to begin, you were on a level above belligerent, I had to makeup a new word to describe you, bemitcherent."
by Mtag666 October 22, 2011
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