A cowardly person. One that is afraid of many, if not all, things. A phobe.
Come on man, she'll be right, don't be such a bem. Chicken... book book book. Toughen up boy.
Top Definition
A Random Black Kid in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Movies who randomly turns up and randomly says something Dark
kid1: Lovely day, Isn't it?

Random kid: It's like trying to catch smoke. It's like trying to catch smoke with your BARE HANDS

kid2: Where did that Bem come from?
by Truday11 May 30, 2010
A very sexy man with a large cock.
You must be a bem.
by Dyke July 29, 2003
1) Bug Eyed Monster. A stereotypical being from another planet, usually depicted with buglike eyes.
2) The truncated name of a Japanese anime TV series, "Yokai Ningen Bem", and the name of a character from that series, in Japanese: Bemu. The series featured alien crimefighters, at first distrustful of humans but later learning to deal with human platitudes.
1)Help! There's a BEM trying to attack me!!!!
2)I'd like to know where I could get a translated video of BEM.
by pentozali April 03, 2009
an old sci-fi abbreviation for 'bug-eyed monster'. Dates back to the time of movies of the week that were so stereotypical, people made abbreviations for each kind of character.
Also an episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series, and the preffered name of bemdude
God, that BEM is fuggn' weird.
by bemdude April 10, 2005
Booger Eating Moron. Someone of low intelligence.
What a bunch of BEMs, they probably can't tie their own shoes.
by Gravelpitt November 15, 2006
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