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Belvidere is a good sized town with a lot of mexicans. It has become more ghetto because it is right next to Rockford and not too far from Chicago. Rockford was recently rated #9 worst city in the USA. Belvidere is only 10 miles away from Rockford. More people should more here so there will be more crime.
Belvidere, IL is awesome
by belvman October 05, 2011
Belvidere is a historical town located in Northern Illinois. Called "The City of Murals" it features several beautiful murals painted by the community, including students. The education is very good, and the community is quite friendly, filled with respectable people. The crime rate is very low. During January, you can expect half a foot of snow and temperatures less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, the temperature can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, several events are hosted during the summer, including the ever-popular Boone Country Fair. With ticket prices ranging from $5-$8. The food is decent, the exhibitions and events eye-catching, and the teens and kids love the rides! Some of the merchandise is quality too. Also, during the summer, you can find the Wienie Wagon and the Corn Truck around town. The hot dogs are delicious, and the corn fresh from the fields. In the fall, The Fall Didley takes place. Generally a craft show, it also hosts schools fundraising at various booths.

The town could use a bit of cleaning up, and the roads could be paved again although. Alcohol and drugs do have a presence too. Car accidents happen often. Generally a safe place, the bars on the windows are unnecessary.
Student 1: Have you been in Belvidere, IL lately?

Student 2: Yeah, I checked out the Belvidere Park District.

S1: How was it?

S2: Pretty cool. The outdoor bathrooms could use cleaning, but the park overall was clean and very scenic. I tried fishing. It turns out that the river has channel catfish.
by TCE-Cat January 21, 2012
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