belmont contains the hotest girls and boys around, doing things their own way.

also the home of Kels D Elle B, a legendary duo who everyone wishes they were.
hey joe, dont you wish we lived in Belmont where Kels D Elle B are?!
by theinvisibleonefrombtown January 25, 2011
a small town in the middle of fucking now where Wisconsin. It is the definition of Hick town USA. Population 821. It got it own school (K-12)
i live in belmont it so gay.
by -i live in May 10, 2009
named after a place in Durham, belmont is an insult given to stupid shits. can also be used as a funny term amongst friends.
Can be abbreviated simply to bel (or bell) or mont. look these up for more information.
Defined by Olli C and Charlie M
You absolute belmont!
That guys a complete belmont!
You dont wanna get off here for belmont!
by Olli C and Charlie M October 19, 2007
A brand of Chilean cigarettes. They are the most commonly sold , sold at $1100 CLP, or approximately $2.20 USD. There are 3 types, Red (Corriente), Blue (Light) also the most common, White (Blanco).
Oie weon, dame un belmont!

Hey man, give me a belmont!
by lee_chilean April 09, 2007
directly north of san carlosbelmont is a small town. belmont kids think theyre hard, but really theyre just screwed up kids with nothing to do. 1 in 3 belmont families is divorced. Maybe its the water...
Dude lets go to Belmont, and think we're hard!
by scdude January 25, 2006
uhh... regarding Eric's definition, Belmont's not that hard. I go to Carlmont, and yes, "Dangerous Minds" was based on the school, but focused on the problem created (that still exists) by the EPA kids bussed in from 'da hood. But the current principal hella cleaned the school up, and now its not as bad (some drugs and wannabe gangs, but I'm pretty sure its still one of the better SUHSD schools)

What I'm trying to say is its not the Belmont kids that make Crackmont hard, its the EPA kids. Belmont's just a mostly white-populated city of about 25,ooo people, a lot like San Carlos but with crappier elementary and middle schools, and a smaller population.
If there weren't EPA kids at Carlmont the Belmont Police Department wouldn't have anything to do.
by brian September 28, 2006

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