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A new enemy introduced via mod for the game Minecraft. The monster is a succubus that forces the player into her grasp as she drains away your health fairly quickly. A key trait to recognizing the Succubi are problems with movement, jumping being crippled, bouncing boobies, seeing red wings and a red bra, and hearing "How you doing?"
UberHaxorNova: Holy shit there's a belly bitch.

Minecraft: Tri-Mountain Survival Ep.9
James: Oh baby I missed you... OH NO I DIDN'T, NO I DIDN'T.

Belly Bitch: Die smiling.

James: Oh okay. Oh belly bitch, good memories, good memories of you. You just had to kill me... shouldn't have walked in her face, with her bouncing boobies... everywhere.
by PBnJaime August 16, 2011
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