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Guy who likes to sleep with pregnant girls.
That dude is a belly banger.
by Dr. Zehas August 25, 2009
21 1
The act of not finding the hole on a fat chick and picking a roll to bang instead.
Slick Willy couldn't find her puss so he belly banged her.
by Guru Imakuni February 21, 2003
26 7
When your breasts are so big that they literally "bang" against your belly.
Some sluts tend to have big, saggy, bellybangers.
by ...? March 20, 2003
15 9
The act of attempting coitus with a sexual partner's belly-button. Works better with innies than outies.
She didn't want me to slip it to her quite yet, so I gave her a few belly bangers to remember me by.
by Tombstone Disposition February 21, 2003
5 9