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A small little town hardly any ppl have heard of that has way 2 much drama and 2 many sluts!!! is so small doesnt have a mcdonalds or any fast food resteraunt other than DQ and Sonic. Place where no one wants 2 live cuz its boring as hell!!
biggest rivals of sealy texas hates sealy with a passion.
Hey i live in bellville, Texas.
whats that?

-_- sealy.
hey did u hear bout that podunk town called Bellvilkle?
no what happened?
the whole freshman class got pregnent/a std.
hey person from Bellville wat do u have 2 do here?
nothing its boring as hell.
oh i know what we can do lets go defile sealy turf or do donuts inh some one s feild.
by Crazy__baby! December 14, 2010
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