As for bellmore, these families, i'd say the majority is upper-middle class. As for these kids, well you can catch them hanging out usually in schoolyards after dark usually passing around pot or smoking they call it "Bowgies", or beer. Most kids are mainstream & listen to lil wayne, jay-z & are not only white & rich, but have such large egos they now believe they are black and live a hard-knock gangster life, by hanging out in school yards & smoking "weed" with daddys money, they maintain a cool kid wigger attitude. Then theres the rebels. Not as bad as the wiggers i'll admit, but still bad, these are the ones you can find in bellmores own village dressed in clothing that looks like it is stapled and clothespinned with ridiculous punk bullshit all over it...what an eye sore & whats sad is there parents can afford to buy them regular clothes, you can find these kids that range from 12-17 year olds, who are often surrounded by older men, whom i'd say are probably middle aged hanging out with them idk why they are with them, i dont want to no. I think bellmore village needs a shower & a drug test, & the rest of bellmore needs to idolize something else besides hollister models & rappers on MTV this town needs a wakeup call & so does everyone in it.
You can go to Bellmore and see for yourself.
by witnessess June 14, 2010
Top Definition
The only thing you will find in bellmore is hundreds of 12 & 13 year old kids flocking the streets of town that think they are hard but if you start a fight with one of them they will cry and call there mothers on the cell phone and the mom will come pick them up in a benz
"look at this mother fucker"
"i am going to tell my mommy"
by BOB March 17, 2005
A town on Long Island filled with wiggers who think that they're hard because they smoke pot everyday and go to elementary school playgrounds. Bellmore is divided into two sections, no one can just be from "Bellmore." There's North Bellmore and South Bellmore.

North Bellmore is filled with hardcore gangsters (16 year old kids who smoke weed everyday, and never amount to much of anything in their lives) and you'd better not fuck with them or they'll fuck you up (throw eggs at your car during Halloween).

South Bellmore is filled with assholes who have waterfront property, houses that are way to big to even be called houses and cars to match. Its filled with guineas who get their eyebrows waxed and go fake tanning, and...Jews.

If you don't smoke weed and drink, theres not much to do at all here. Some kids go to Bellmore Playhouse, a shitty little movie theater. Outside of it, on Saturday nights, theres tons of little 13 year old kids who are tough because their mommies let them stay out past 11.OH, and don't forget about the hardcore sk8r kids who shop at Hot Topic and are so totally awesome because they skate and smoke cigarettes...

Theres a middle school here everyone goes to, Grand Ave, a school filled with flaming queers and more assholes.

I wished I had more to tell you all, but chances are if you're reading this, you already know.
"Hey you want to go to Bellmore and smoke some weed at the school yard?"
"No thanks, I'm not a douchebag."
by Anonymous141 January 09, 2008
Bellmore is a decent size town with about 37,000 people and is roughly 30 miles east of New York City. It is divided into South Bellmore (those who live south of Merrick Road) and North Belmore (those who live north of Merrick Road).

We are an upper-middle class town with the average household income at around $115,000. That being said, there are people whose parents make a lot more (ranging from $150,000-$450,000) and generally live in South Bellmore and those who make less ($70,000-$100,000) and for the most part live in North Bellmore.

A good amount of people in our town tend to flaunt whatever money they have, but that is not to say everyone is like that. There are people in both North and South Bellmore like this. There is also some weird "competition" between North and South Bellmore's children with who is tougher and who has more money, however this "competition" is forgotten after the age of 16.

Most of the kids are spoiled in both towns and have extreme attitude/ego problems. These most likely dissipate after college except for the kids who stay on Long Island.

99% of the residents smoke weed, parents included. If the parents don't, then they enjoy their alcohol a little too much. It's fine, though, because they all take their work seriously.

Overall, Bellmore is a good place to live and an okay place to raise a family. It's extremely safe, but your children will act ridiculous for a long while, if they grow up here.
10 year old Bellmore girl: "But mom, everyone else just got the new Fendi and I want one too!"

JFK or Mepham H.S. Boy: "Don Fuk Wit Me or I'll Break Ya Face"

After College: "Wow! was I that bad when I was that age? Fuckin' Bellmore" (smiles endearingly)
by BittersweetBellmore April 20, 2009
The most dramatic town you will ever live in . Yes we do have cell phones cause we can afford them ! And yeah we are pretty tough so wanna pick a fight with one of us ? you will get your ass kicked . kthnksbye
Bellmore owns you .
by SPED xx December 23, 2006
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