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Belleville, Illinois. Found about 20 minutes east of Saint Louis, Missouri, It is the location of Scott Air Force Base, a couple people, and a lot of corn.
"I was in Belle-vegas last weekend and wanted to shoot myself I was so bored."
by JSLU June 27, 2006
38 32
The main downtown area of Belleville Illinois. Particularly main street where there is a strip of music venues, bars, art galleries and theaters.
I played a show out in BelleVegas last weekend and scored an awesome review in the Riverfront times.
by BRACO April 11, 2009
40 7
Common name for the city of Belleville, Illinois. This name is mostly used among locals.
I'm from beautiful Belle Vegas!
Belle Vegas baby!
by hp77 August 14, 2011
7 3
Belleville, ON Canada

The City of Belleville, offering big city amenities along with small town friendliness. Not typically known for it's excitement. A good time can still be found in Belleville!
Viva Belle Vegas!
by Adam THE Mighty! December 13, 2009
6 2