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The personification of Stephanie Meyer as written by herself if she was as popular and perfect, as she wishes she had been in high school.
Essentially perfect and lacking any sort of flaws or personality, as to make her easier for teen girls to identify with, though, in reality, it just makes teen girls focus more on Edward Cullen, driving the popularity of a shitty book even higher.
"Bella Swan? Isn't that the girl who hangs around Edward all the time?" "Who cares, Edward is there."
by Trast December 25, 2008
1341 223
A stupid stuttering girl from the overly-adjective saga Twilight. She is overly obsessive and starts seeing hallucinations, jumps off of cliffs and busts her head open riding motorcycles JUST to see a dead person Edward.

Also she's a selfish little person who wants Jacob AND Edward.

Portrays necrophilia and bestiality.

Is said to be really average looking but a lot of guys like her, cannot dress to save her life and seems to be incredibly boring.
Edward Cullen: I'm leaving you

Bella Swan: B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-ut w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-whhy?
by rjfghjsehgnr January 08, 2010
392 74
Bella swan is a stupid bitch who dosen't deserve Edward or Jacob. She also thinks that everyone loves her. Although she is the most retarded character in the Twilight series everyone wants to be her
look at bella Swan she's such a slut

bella: oh jacob doing this for me cause he loves me!! aww soo sweet
Jacob: no i'm not you stupid bitch! i don't love you anymore... i like your daughter cause your a whore
by harry potter nerd March 19, 2009
436 135
The main character of the book twilight by Stephanie Meyer.
A lot of people wish they could be Bella Swan.
by Narita Sandhu September 17, 2006
620 431
The main character in the 'Twilight' series. A girl who somehow has to choose between Beastiality and Necrophilia.
"Should I choose the furry, or the sparkly?" - Bella swan
by TheBigMystery April 21, 2010
257 77
a stupid slut who is way out of her league and doesn't deserve Jacob, even though she breaks his heart. i personally wish Victoria just slaughtered her.
Bella Swan needs to be killed by someone already.
by Twilight is my religion x3 March 23, 2008
781 627
Verb: An act of clumsiness or stupidity.
I pulled a Bella Swan in Wal-Mart today, someones going to be doing their job
by betting--on--alice April 22, 2009
191 39
A young Mary-sue who is a total klutz that even if she did die in the first book you wouldn’t be surprised.
She practically lives of Edwards hair, breath, nose, mouth, eyes, sparklieness, stupidity and anything else that turns her on slightly. She has no problem with Edward her fairy oh shit I mean vampire, coming into her bedroom each night and watching her sleep. He probably jacks off as well while doing it. In the very last book she is impregnated by Edward and is newly ‘gifted’ with a half human half vampire daughter named Renesme. She prances around as a vampire after giving birth to her newly freak of a daughter who will hook up with Bella’s BFF Jacob Black who weirdly enough is a werewolf who has a conflict with Edward.
Twihard 1: OME!!! bella swan does NOT deserve Edward! I do!!!!

Twihard 2: OMJ!!! I totally agree! Ungrateful Skank! I deserve Jacob and his hot abs!

*Twihards high five*
by vjhjcfldfhgkfbjglsdf March 16, 2010
165 28