horrible person who cheeted on edward with jacob
Bella is such a bella..
by Vanesha January 01, 2009
n. British rhyming slang for the popular and very strong (5.2% abv) Belgian lager, Stella Artois. Generally used by the politically-correct or mild-mannered public house frequenteur, because the better-known synonym for Stella Artois in the UK is wifebeater.
Barman: What'll it be?
Barfly 1: What's cheap?
Barman: Carling, Foster's...
Barfly 2: Don't get cheap on me, you tightwad! Two pint of Bella, please.
by Terry Deary December 07, 2006
everyone got it mixed up.. it means beautiful in spanish and attractive in italian OKAY?!
im sooooooooooooo bella
by Mz Perfect February 07, 2005
An evil bitch who always thinks she's right and everyone around her is wrong. The worst friend and girlfriend in the world. Has weird eyebrows too.
person1-Ew...Here comes a complete Bella.
person2-Oh god, most definetly.
person1-She's just soooo mean!
person2-chyeah, and she has fluffy eyebrows.
by onagiri rice cake March 07, 2009
a crazy ass bitch who steals peoples boyfriends because she can. she has no boobs... no friends... and has a weird butt... she has blonde hair and her face reminds me of a horse... she should just fast forward and move into her brothel already. die.
what the fuck is bella doing... what a bitch shes stealing my boyfranddd
CAKE FACED, fake, compulsive liar, thinks they're tough cause of their connections which they cease to have, IMMATURE, thinks they are mature cause they tell others they are immature but they are the most IMMATURE sluts you'll ever met. Have no future will end up at a whore house. Makes you frustrated and want to bash them. The definition of a cunt.
"Did you see that cake face who lied to Jenny?"

"Yeah shes an Bellaz..."
by staceyanne May 23, 2009
A.K.A. Torch. A really cool,crazy, nice, fun and pretty girl from Barbados with brown hair and blue eyes and is often thought of as demonic. Likes confusing teachers such as Mr.Defraitas. Has a short attention span and a slight stutter =P. Do not make sudden movements around a bella.
Same stuff as above^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
by Dr.Bobby April 14, 2005

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