Bella mean's Penis in Tamil Language
aiyo un bella theriyuthu - omg, you are showing your penis
by Heisen March 29, 2011
A whore who steals peoples boyfriends and could pass as a perfect lesban also breaks laws and is a slutty as bitch who will never get a job .
Sam:Oh god ewww do u see that ugly ass girl over there!😖
Chris: Ya im gonna fucking barff!!!!
Joey: Pfft ya her name must be bella
by Tattletaler101 June 01, 2016
Bella is popular not because she is pretty but because she is a hoe,who get what ever she wants and never gets caught she might seems to be your friend but when you need her were she at tho.If you have the same crush as her you better watch out she will date him and talk shit about u if u want an advise watch out she's not a girl you want to have as an enemy but as a friend either.
maya;she a hoe
other girl; did u see bella she's with your ex
by michelleraw June 28, 2016

Daughter of Saphra Hayes

Sister of Roxie

Born on 9 August 2009
Bellas so beautiful

I love Bella

My little cherub
Aka Sugarplum fairy x
by .x.x.x.s.x.x.x. March 25, 2013
First off, she's an obnoxious bitch. She acts totally fake and all of her friends are fake too. Her makeup looks like somebody took a paintbrush and slapped her with it. She's rude, backstabbing, bitchy, ugly, and overall a complete whore. Everyday she's seen on her phone instead of talking to people or being productive in life. She's had maybe 3 boyfriends, who all dumped her within a week, and she's bragged about loving each one and having at least 10 more on the side. Bella's are just evil, snobby, stuck-up, annoying gigantic bitches. NOT TO BE TRUSTED.
Girl: Is that Bella
Girl 2: yeah she's so fake! I can't stand that bitch
by #ihatemylifesusanbrown April 18, 2016
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